Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hold It Together, People

The other day while I was driving, I witnessed the most obscene and extravagant display of road rage that I have ever seen.

Thankfully, I did not have to listen to it.  I just had to endure the hand gestures and numerous sexiest slurs that the man could hurl at me through the window of his black Bentley.

Yes, I was the victim for one whole minute, but it seemed like at least two minutes.  I had the poor judgement to think that I had enough room and enough time to make a risky maneuver, but trust me, I did not have the time or space.  The man in the black Bentley made that shockingly clear.

His hands were waving.  His eyes were bulging.  The veins in his neck were at full flow capacity.  His fingers and hands made movements that should really be reserved for the most heinous of events, yet he spent those obscene gestures on a woman who just stared back at him.  I felt that I was earning my staring behavior.  Usually, I have the good manners to NOT stare, but he wanted me to endure his rage so I just soaked it in.  Part of me loved it because the less I responded, the more he reacted.

I wonder if he wished for a similar reaction from me?  I wonder if he would have sewed expletives with such grace if Tim would have been driving and made the same error?  We all know the answer.

Someone gave me the advice that I should look at the man and think about what brought him to this moment.  Maybe he had a terrible fight with his wife.  Maybe he is suffering from an illness.  Maybe he is in a bad place in his life.  I can't take that advice.  I can't let give people a pass because they have it bad and feel the need to behave badly.  Just hold it together, people.

The next time I am in the Bentley's shoes...well, okay, it'll be Honda...I am going to give the person a pass.  That is when I will use the pass card with ease.  I am saving it for people who show real humanity and make mistakes without spewing disgusting melodrama all over my day.

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Carm said...

Agreed. Road rage is never okay. It's disgusting and it can turn violent far too quickly. My brother was a victim of a road rage incident in which a man attempted first to punch him and then to run him over with his vehicle. Scary.