Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Old New Foods

I am going to try new old things.

I have tried tomatoes in the past, but I didn't like them.  I think I was doing it wrong.  Just like when I tried sushi.  I went all in.  I ordered the super duper raw stuff and had no idea what I was doing.  Because my anxiety keeps me wanting to be one step ahead of the unknown, I have decided to research even the most basic of things like sushi.  So, the second time I tried sushi, I was determined to find out why everyone else seems to love it, but I didn't.

After a quick tour of the menu at Sushiland, I was better prepared to try an old new thing.  After a 'fake it til I make it moment' with the chopsticks, I discovered that I DO like sushi...or at least the Americanized version of it.

With a success in old new cuisine, I reflected upon what else was I missing out on that I might actually love?  Tomatoes is my next food project.  I will do my research and consider how can I make this a success.  I am only interested in trying new foods that also fit under the category of healthy foods.

I bought a tomato today.  I am going to cut that bad boy up and serve it with fresh mozzarella, greens and balsamic vinegar on whole wheat bread.  I like all of the other things on that sandwich.  I remain hopeful that the tomato is not going to screw it all up.

What other new old foods can I try?

Greek yogurt
Tofu...To be continued!


rhiannon said...

I don't like cucumbers or grapefruit either. Can I make suggestions for the other two? For Greek yogurt, there are only a couple flavors I like, both Chobani. One is honey-nana which is actually one of their kid flavors, and apple cinnamon. also I find them both more tolerable with granola or a crumbled graham cracker in them (of course this adds calories). Otherwise so chalky!

I haven't had much tofu but it is pretty good in Asian food. Do you have Pei Wei there? Their Pad Thai is good and has tofu in it.

Good luck to you! Let me know if you end up liking grapefruit or cucumbers...maybe I'll give them another try.

Debbie said...

I was well into my 30's before I could eat a tomato in a salad or on a sandwich. I'm still not into eating it by itself, but I did have a big thick meaty slice of an heirloom tomato once with balsamic vinegar, mozz. cheese and fresh basil. Delicious! Jim likes a tomato salad with blue cheese dressing.

pat said...

Tomatoes = yucksauce.