Sunday, February 05, 2012

That Darn FB

Like many in the world, I am on Facebook.  My husband does not use Facebook and probably never will.  Not the first wise move he has made in his life.  He probably does not suffer from what many Facebookers suffer from...the thought that enters your mind when you see a post about a sunny vacation, a fun Super Bowl party or even a link to a fantastic restaurant.

You know the thought that I am talking about, right?  I can't be the only one who thinks to herself, "Man, that looks fun.  Why aren't I having fun like that?"

Sometimes this can be motivating.  It can remind you that you DO like to go to new restaurants.  Call the babysitter and make it happen!  Sometimes, it can be confusing.  I do not even like the Super Bowl.  Why am I feeling envious about those potato shaped cookies?!  Sometimes, it can even make you sad.  Ah, man, if I were in that state, I would so be invited to that party!  I miss my chums.  Most of the time, it makes us glad.  That looks like so much fun.  I am glad they had a good time.

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