Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Bit of a Rant

I hate the hands-off-approach to life.

It makes no sense to me. Why do people scratch their heads and ask themselves the obligatory question, "Why me? Why is this happening to me?". No, I am not all heartless and apathetic to victims of unfortunate events, yet at what point do people look in the mirror and accept some personal responsibility for the path on which they have choosen to travel?

Maybe it is too painful to look straight in the face of the person who made the poor decisions? Sometimes people cannot connect the dots and recognize that one action will lead to one consequence. Some people use the permission statement, "Well, I was just following my heart.". Whatever happened to common sense?

Mistakes are a part of a well-lived life. We should all mistakes, but is it so elusive of a concept to grasp that WE were the ones making the mistakes?

I am a harsh woman tonight. Don't mess.

I feel better that I got that off my chest.


MandyGirl said...

Hey Sara! Great post! :)

I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving comments. I replied to your comment on the "tissue" issue. ;)

firedancerdancin said...

AWWW!!! I love that my friends from the past and my friends from the present are making nice together! hahahahahahahahaha. Hi there sara. I am figuring out how to get my arse home for the reunion. I have recieved emails from chris maccarthy and weenie as well who are also going up and are going to support me in my singledom and childless state. hahahahahaha. woo!

re: this post, did something not so pleasant happen to someone you know? i'm having tons of ideas run through my head. I know what you mean though.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do, though, is to point the finger at yourself.

Dree said...

My cousin made some poor choices and is now stuck in a less than desirable situation - and I just can't feel sorry for her. It's rough.

Dree said...
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Rhiannon said...

Hi Sara - I'm responding to the wrong post. I enjoyed the 6 "Saras" - after reading them, I can understand why we're friends. At least 3-4 of your "yous" are "me" too!