Sunday, April 10, 2005

Party Time

I want to go to a party. The following is a list of parties that I'd like to be invited to.

  1. Toga-I want to go to a fabric store and buy some kick-ass fabric and make a toga that would make Socrates proud. I would hope that people wouldn't just show up in some sheets from their bed.
  2. Disco Party-I have not worn my afro-wig for over two years and it is time to break it out.
  3. Battle/Dodge Ball Party-I would like to play some adult dodgeball. I think I have gotten over how my head used to be used as a target for a certain Amazon girl in my 8th grade gym class.
  4. Fondue Party-Of course. It is my new favorite thing. Maybe I should throw a fondue party?!
  5. Tiki Party-I want to wear a grass skirt and drink fruity drinks with umbrellas.
  6. Pajama Party-I think I might be a little old for this one, but it still sounds fun. Movies, popcorn, and makeovers...that sounds great!
  7. Bachelorette Party-Actually, I am throwing one of these with my good friend, Sara. This is the third bachelorette party that I have thrown. They have each had a theme like vintage bridesmaid to disco! We never do the traditional bachelorette party themes. So, I will be attending one of these in May.
  8. Graduation Party-They have the best food.

1 comment:

Dree said...

Oh, I love theme parties. I throw one every year, just for the hell of it. I've thought about a toga party so many times.

PS - I checked out that website you told me about... very, very cool!