Saturday, April 09, 2005

It's a Blogger's World

I have convinced three people to start blogs. Two of the three bloggers did not follow through on the blogging experience. HOORAY to Rachel for keeping up on her blog! As for the other two, well, I don't want to judge.

What I really, really want is for all of my friends to blog. I have advocated for this for a long time. I think there are many reasons why they do not blog.

1. They think they have nothing to write about. They think their life is boring.
WRONG! I will read it. This may shock you, but even my life can get boring. However, I never focus on the boring. I focus on the little things and share that with others. Everyone's life is a little boring.
2. They are afraid they will be judged.
This may be true, but you might be judged in a very positive light. You might be perceived as far more interesting and dynamic than you really are. And to assure you, I will not judge you for what you write.
3. They don't have time.
Hogwash. Everyone has time to document their daily existance and thoughts. When it is all said and done, wouldn't you like to think that you reflected on your life and the daily occurances within that life. It'll only take a minute. You also do not have to write everyday. I don't.
4. No one will read it.
BUNK! I will read it and read it faithfully everyday. I would like nothing better than to dive into someone else's day and thoughts. Also, if I dig you, I will link to your blog and then you will have more readers.

Please. I implore you. If you are my friend and you are reading this blog, extend yourself. Write.

Lately, I have discussed the idea of 'breaking out of our comfort zone' with a number of people. I want to do this more, but I also want to encourage my friends to do this.

Also, let me say that I know a lot of people lurk around on this blog which is absolutely FANTASTIC! Keep in mind that you can comment. Yes, you have to register with blogger, but they won't email you or bother you. It is just for the purpose of commenting.


Amanda said...

You write very interesting and persuasive words, Sara. I just may need to get my blog back in action again.

firedancerdancin said...

blogging is nothing if not a wonderful world of vent for me. sometimes about nothing and sometimes about everything, but it's theraputic. I get free "counseling". ;-)

woohoo for blogorific people!