Friday, April 22, 2005

Going Out Tonight

I am writing this post half in the bag. In other words, half sauced. Without knowing it, I had too many drinks and I was saying and doing things that I know I will regret in the morning. And I am left in the lurge. Do I mention the silliness and rediculous things that I said tonight or do I sweep them under the rug. I cussed too much. I spoke the unspoken too much. The best part of tonight was the fact that I hung with my very fun co-workers and closed the night with Tim. We laughed and laughed and laughed. My stomach hurt so much by the end of the night that I thought I would have actually worked my abs. But no...I don't work.

As with any night, I feel that my digital camera is a great tool for remembering all of the fun. As I scroll through the photos, I realize that I am very intrusive and rediculous. At one point, I thought it a good idea to take a picture of a person and looking at it more closely, I realized that they were giving me the finger. What???? I couldn't believe it. I thought everyone liked me. I thought everyone enjoyed getting their picture taken by me. The following is a thematic list of photos that were taken tonight...(and for you people that had your pictures taken and are nervous about being revealed on my blog...relax...far too drunk to upload pictures):
  • photo of co-workers cleavage
  • photo of co-workers profile after his request to check out his hairline
  • photo of teacher from other school flicking me off
  • photo of my favorite people that I work with
  • photo of Pen-Pen talking, laughing, shouting
  • photo of friend thinking about how he might be in the doghouse with his wife
  • photo of co-workers modeling female sunglasses when he is very male

Man, I like going out with my pals.

*** I just woke up and seriously considered deleting this post, but whatever, I am just being honest.


Dree said...

I went out last night and got a little toasted. When I got home, I checked my email and almost wrote someone back. Now I'm glad I didn't. Computers and alcohol are a bad combination. :)

Eyes said...

Ahhh...nothing there to be ashamed about. Most people can totally relate...and if they can't ... well...they are stiffs :)