Thursday, April 21, 2005

Coffee Talk

Remember the days in college when you could call up a friend and say, "Hey! Let's go for a coffee." It was never a question, but rather a command. The coffee was always great, but it was the conversation that meant something.

The conversation always drifted into familiar themes of classes, parties, dating, roommates, or the all-too-uncertain future. We'd talk. And talk. And talk. I'd always leave feeling so satisfied. So connected. It is not that I don't have chums or fantastic conversations with them. I just want to be having these conversations with these friends in person, out of the work place, and not over the phone.

In my quarter and some life thus far, I have come to know that people run out of time to spend sitting and talking over coffee. Jobs, spouses, and children require more time with very little time for a nice chat. Although I am not neglected for conversation because I tend to force it on unsuspecting co-workers, I do long for the type of connections that were made over long talks and good coffee.


Amanda said...

Great memory! I love to get a coffee- even though I don't like coffee!

Amanda said...

To add to that...

It's not the coffee. It's the coffee (or other beverage)- drinkers.