Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My Mental Hodgepodge

The following is a hodgepodge of the inner workings of my mind today...

  • I was exhausted to from teaching fractions. It is one of those things that children/adults either get or don't. Children who do not get fractions are very hard on themselves if they can't reduce to the simplest form. I really want to tell them that it is okay, most recipes already reduce for you, but they don't need to know that. For now, I will continue to teach fractions and be very tired. It'll take a lot out of you as a teacher.
  • It is perfectly normal to have poptarts for supper two nights in a row.
  • How long can I go without doing laundry?
  • Which online photo printing should I use? I have used Yahoo Photos, Snapfish, yet I was disappointed with Snapfish and want to try something different than Yahoo. Tonight, I am using Kodak. We'll see. I am all about the color and crispness of the photos.
  • Poptarts give me heartburn two nights in a row.
  • Should I rent or buy?


firedancerdancin said...

depends on what you are renting/buying...

Poptarts? totally buy them. Don't wanna be renting those. No one would want them after you were done, ya know?

I apologize for my lameness, but i'm physically and emotionally exhausted right now so I'm a little on the demented side.

hope your heartburn is better.

any kinda heart hurting is super awful.

Rhiannon said...

Hey Sara, I use Wal-Mart (I know, big bad company) and my pictures turn out really well. You could also consider Shutterfly. Keep trying, you will find a good one.

As for poptarts, I go in phases. My favorite is strawberry with frosting. And as for fractions, I'm one of the lucky ones. Maybe my calling is fractions? Just kidding.

Eyes said...



Mathman said...

I've gotten good results from Snapfish.