Saturday, April 23, 2005

Dinner Party

Dinner guests always make me nervous. Tonight, I have invited some people over for dinner, yet I am afraid that whatever I make, they will not enjoy. I am not a bad cook. I am a novice, yet I have my standards for the occasional dinner party. I am a much better baker than cook, but that doesn't help build my dinner party confidence.

If I have a dinner party, I want to make good and unique food. I can make a hotdish/casserole any night of the week so I wanted to make a great salad, side dish, and main course. I wanted to make a main course that wouldn't fail. Considering this, I also wanted to make something that most people would enjoy without going home with indigestion because of my spicy entree. On the other hand, I like to introduce new foods to people. I love taking food risks, but not everyone is like me. There I go again...being self-absorbed.

So, here is the menu. What do you think?

Drinks-Red Zinger Ice Tea (or water, wine...whatever they choose)
Salad-California Cafe inspired baby spinach with bacon, pecans, grapes, goat cheese with maple vinaigrette
Side Dish-Roasted Asparagus
Main Course-Lasagna

Now, don't you wish you were coming to my place tonight?


Eyes said...

I sure do!!

Amanda said...

You are the hostess-with-the-mostess.

I love that when I visit you, you cook. When you visit me, we always go out to eat. What does that say about us? You are the cook. I am te eater.