Friday, April 08, 2005

A Good Friday

I played my first game of kickball for spring 2005. Man...I love my job.

Granted, I did lose my shoe at my first kick of the season. My shoe went flying into the air. I was wearing a jean skirt today so I was quite a sight trying to kick, get my shoe, and play a mean game of kickball.

And to make today even better, we fondued in my classroom! We read a non-fiction book about the history and making of chocolate. We discussed the different types of chocolate, tasted a variety of chocolate, and finally celebrated by dipping in chocolate. We dipped marshmallows, brownies, and bananas in chocolate. The kids loved it. I was so excited about the fondue and the kids having such a good time that I didn't even eat any fondue! I think it will be something that the kids will remember.

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Dree said...

Sara, you have inspired me. I have a book about how chocolate is made, and I have a fondue pot. I do believe it is time to host a First Grade Fondue Fiesta. We've already taste-tested apples and popcorn, we made homemade bread & butter, and we're going to sample tree-foods on Arbor Day. But chocolate...yum! I would've never thought of that. Thanks!