Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Day in a Nutshell

CAUTION: I am not clever, funny, smart, or thoughtful in tonight's post.

I never read my horoscope because I don't buy into that kind of thing, but I stumbled upon mine tonight...very interesting.

This is what it said...

Your deepest emotional needs can come to the forefront with today's position of the planets. Your desire to have things balanced in your life might become upset by such emotional force, and it's important that you don't blame yourself when you feel out of whack. There are times when it's more important to feel your feelings than to have it all under control! You can make a point of eating healthy meals this week as a way of counteracting the upset you may feel.

I would say that some of it matches my day, except the eating healthy part.

All that being said, I am the type of person who never has a bad day. Never is a very long time.

Usually, I might have just an OK type day, but today, I will go out on a limb and say that I had a bad day. I like to be positive. I like to help people look at the brightside of life. I am the one people go to when they have had a 'rough one'. I love to smile and enjoy my day. Without talking too much about teaching and my life within the school walls, let's just say that it was stressful and I didn't smile too much from 12:00 on (with the exception when I think my kids finally 'got' mixed numbers and improper fractions).

I was on the verge of tears, not once, but twice. For those who know me, that is really something in itself. I have cried only twice at school. The first time occured when I had just received the phone call that my lovely, wonderful grandfather had passed away. The second occurring when I started to tell my friends at school that I would be moving and not teaching with them next year. Today, I was able to control myself with just one tear hanging within my eyelid and the all-powerful anti-crying prescription of looking at the ground and got myself back into "Super-Sara Professional Mode".

I think my tears came from helplessness. I want to help. I want to do the right thing. I want to do right by these children. When I feel helpless, I get emotional. There is nothing I can think of but fixing or helping these children until they are fixed or helped. Let's face it though...I can't fix them. I can help them. I can move on from today and realize that tomorrow is a new, fresh day that offers a new opportunity to serve them. Cheesy, but all too true. I am a relentless person that will stick with a situation with a child until that situation is no more (or I am no more).

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MandyGirl said...

We need more teachers like you. :)

I'm sorry you have had a rough day, and I hope things look up for you!