Sunday, October 23, 2005


I had this royal blue corduroy jumper dress when I was in the first grade. I wore it with a white turtleneck with color hearts all over it. I wore it in my first grade school picture. I can recall a lavendar pair of corduroy pants with an elastic waistband from my primary years too. I bet if I think back to my favorite outfits age five to twenty-nine, corduroy would be the textile of choice.

I know lots of people associate the season of autumn to ideas like apples, pumpkins, or leaves, but I can't help but think that it is the time of the year that I can break out the corduroy. Am I the only one who adores corduroy?

Let's take stock here...I have two corduroy jackets, a corduroy purse, corduroy pants, a corduroy blanket, and a corduroy shirt. Some fabrics are just comforting. Some are terrible. Because for as much as I love corduroy, I detest several other fabrics. Most people do not think as much about their love and hate for certain fabrics, but I have no choice. Along with fall comes the rekindling love for corduroy, it also makes my skin SUPER, DUPER dry. I am so itchy. I am one dry woman. So, I cannot embrace fleece, anything made of yarn, or flannel of any kind. In order for me to wear a sweater or sweatshirt, I must wear a turtleneck or undershirt. I have definite sensory issues. It can all drive me up the wall...or at least under a corduroy blanket. With all of the fuzzy stuff out there, I can take comfort in corduroy. We all can.


Dree said...

I bought TWO corduroy blazers this year. They just scream autumn. I love everything about this season. It's all good. :)

shelly said...

my brand new duvet cover is corduroy. i never thought that would happen. i love it. incidentally...i don't know if you will believe me or not, but i swear to you it's whole life, when i see clothing made of corduroy it reminds me of you. namely, your blue cord jumper. you must have worn a lot of corduroy. also, i am very happy to read that i am not the only person i know with severe tactile sensitivities. some fabrics just aren't ok!