Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Things I Want To Try/Do/Experience In My Near Lifetime...

Rock Climbing
Being a Red Head
Own a Convertible
Making a HUGE Holiday Meal
Join a Scrabble Club
Take a Great Tropical Vacation
Go to More Concerts


Courtney said...

My response will probably be longer than your blog...lol.
1)Rock climbing has always looked like such a cool thing to do.
2)You must try sushi...we've already discussed this.
3)I think contacts are highly overrated. Plastic (even soft) sitting on your eyeball just isn't natural.
4)I want to see it.
5)Don't live in the wrong region for a convertible.
6)I hope I'm invited because you're an awesome cook.
7)Of course you must see Alaska...
8)Join? How about create?
9)At certain times of the year, I'd place this one above Alaska.
10)Start with Dave Matthews Band...

This was a fine blog! It's always good to evaluate where you are with your desires/priorities :)

Eyes said...

I highly recommend sushi. It's my FAVORITE cuisine! Also, you have to experience a tropical vacation. They are awesome. I highly suggest the Cook Islands or Cairns Australia. Fiji isn't bad either :)

Rhiannon said...

Get Lasik instead of contacts. It is so nice not to have to worry about/pay for anything else for your eyes for many, many years. I love it.

By the way, thanks for the hospitality yesterday! It was great hanging out with you - just wish it could've been for longer!

MandyGirl said...

I need new contacts. Went to put them in today and realized one was torn. Haven't worn them in weeks. Luckily I have cute glasses. :) Good luck with your list!

firedancerdancin said...

i've been rock climbing and a redhead. redhead=overrated, and rockclimbing is fabulous. SO F'ING FUN! I have pictures online somewhere.

Sushi---good lord, sara. you must have sushi and soon! I suggest Umi, Dragon Rolls, Philly Rolls (you are in philly after all), and ummmm...well it's all just so damn good!

pat said...

Rock on:
rock climbing - BOO heights
sushi - more like, 'suck'shi
contacts - rule. i should wear mine more often, except that i like my glasses.
read head - sooooo hot. want to touch the heiney.
own a convertible - too expensive, way fun
holiday meal - i'll bring wine.
alaska - very cool, take pictures
scrabble club - you absolutely cannot use dr. suess (seuss?) words so don't even try.
tropical vacation - sunscreen
concerts - yay. include the following on your list: sufjan stevens, nickel creek, iron and wine, p.o.d., jack johnson, weezer, dmb

it's good to be reading blogs again