Saturday, October 08, 2005

Things You May Not Know About the Magazine Section at Your Favorite Bookstore

- Some people come to the bookstore to pile 10-12 magazines in their arms, find a corner of the bookstore, and read for three hours only to leave that large pile for me to put away when they are finished. They didn't actually buy a single thing.

- Just because a magazine is in a plastic cover...yes, the adult magazines...doesn't stop people from ripping them open, shoving them into a sports or woodworking magazine to browse the most recent naked woman or man in the magazine so no one sees what they are looking at. When they are finished, they might stash it in the comics section or cooking for me to find. Then, I have to get rid of it because we can no longer sell it.

- Some women will sit directly in front of what seems to be THOUSANDS!!!! of home decorating magazines to search for inspiration with their decorating decisions. Now, they at least put them back, but never in the right spot. But who can blame them...all of the titles usually have the words "Bathroom", "Decoration", or "Beautiful". One can get very easily confused with so many decorating decisions weighing on one's mind.

- There is a magazine for everyone. A person could surf. A person could dig wine. A person could enjoy guns and ammo. A person could be interested in genealogy. A person could adore opera. There are probably at least three magazines for each of these customers and their interests. And I stock them all!

- Cameron Diaz is on the cover of a lot of magazines.

- The person who is stocking the magazines is very observant.


Super Rachel Zana said...

Oh. I'm guilty. Very guilty. At Barnes and Nobles I grab a stack of stamping magazines that I have no intention of actaully purchasing and take them with me to the children's section where Ms. C.P. plays with the train for 2-4 hours straight. HOWEVER: I DO put them back when I'm done and take care to get them in the CORRECT location. I didn't work in a library for two summers for nothing.

shelly said...

i want my blog to be as cool and fun and interesting as your blog. my blog sucks. i make no suggestions, no recommendations and i have not a single precious photo of myself at 3. also, your blog makes me laugh very much and makes me miss you even more.

Kelly said...

I know where you are coming from with having to always put magazines away. I get annoyed when you find an article you want to read and someone has RIPPED it out! That is so NOT cool at a library people! When I put away the magazines I have noticed many of them have the word ABS on them. Strange....

Eyes said...

Very interesting!