Sunday, October 16, 2005

Eating Our Way Through the Northeast

If I didn't know better, I would say that my friends, Scott and Sara, and I ate our way through Philadelphia on Friday.

It all started when we visited Independence Hall. Who knew that pretzels and independence were ever so connected. We finished our tour and walked back to the visitor center where there just happen to be a PRETZEL OFF! Vendors from around Philadelphia were giving free samples of their pretzels. Pretzels have had a long tradition in this city with the German settlers and where ever you go, there seems to be someone claiming to have the best pretzel. So, I am glad that Scott and Sara were able to enjoy one of many Philadelphia treats.

Of course, we couldn't have a proper Philadelphia outing without stopping at one of the famous Philadelphia Cheesesteak restaurants in town. We chose Jim's Steaks because we were already on South Street where there are many interesting and unique shops. It was a greasy, small place with a black and white art deco design. We waited in line, thankfully, so that we could get our orders just right. Sara and I split a steak with WHIZ...yes, Cheese Whiz. We also tried Birch Beer. This is a soda that is like Root Beer but more of a peppermint flavor. It is also made in Pennsylvania. I thought it was good, but I prefer Beer, heavy on the Root.

Although it was raining off and on, we walked and Walked and WALKED! around the city. We ventured to the famous LOVE statue in Center City and this seemed appropriate since it is Sara and Scott's first wedding anniversary. Of course, we went to Reading Terminal Market to eat crepes. Sara tried something new with the Cheesecake and Berries crepe. This was outstanding. Inside her crepe was one whole piece of cheesecake spread out covered with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries sprinkled with powdered sugar.

That was our Philly Friday.

We drove to Brooklyn early Saturday morning to meet our friend, Amy, at her apartment. We took the subway into Manhattan where we walked around Central Park. Lovely. It was such a beautiful day. We stopped at Strawberry Fields and had a nice view of the city.

I was glad to go to my second Broadway show, The Producers. The humor was quick and smart and high energy. I loved it, but I think everything is terrific. I wouldn't know if it was drool. I had to sit by myself at the show because it was pretty full, but we had great tickets even if they were separated from each other...Scott and Sara together, I was by myself.

The top of the Empire State Building was overwhelming. First, we got to the top after a very long wait. As the sun was setting, we watched from the top of New York City. After, we jumped on the subway and headed back to Brooklyn for dinner at Savoia for some pizza and salad with Amy. It has been a great weekend. I feel like I have a lot to write about this week so I am not blog blocked! New York City can do that to a person, I guess.

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firedancerdancin said...

sounds like y'all had a great weekend! i love the photo of you sara and amy together. cute! :-)