Thursday, October 13, 2005


I can cross SUSHI off my list of things to try.

Courtney and I went to the local Japanese restaurant named Samauri because it came highly recommended by our clever/moody/smart/crabby boss at Borders. I decided if I am going to try SUSHI that I wasn't going to do any kind of California Roll where they do not use raw fish, but instead, I was going to dive in and do the raw.

We ordered a sampler platter of SUSHI with some tuna, some bass, some salmon, and some crab. It really just felt like something mushy in my mouth with some white rice. It definitely is something that I am glad that I tried, yet I do not have a strong compulsion to try it again. I am glad that I try new things.

PS...I will be entertaining my friends Sara and Scott for the next couple of days. Check back on Sunday.


firedancerdancin said...

I honestly thought the same thing the first time I tried sushi and now I can't live without it...

so f'ing good.

tell me you did the wasabi and soy sauce mix and dipped. If you didn't you have to try it again and actually do that as well...

And congrats on trying it---I don't think a lot of people that grow up in ND (no matter where they end up) feel the compulsion to try it.

Eyes said...

I can't EVER get ENOUGH sushi. It's divine to me. Perhaps the place wasn't that good.

You are so open-minded. Gotta love that about you!!