Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Things That Bore Me Lately...

- Celebrities. I don't care. It could be that I feel super-saturated with this garbage because I stock countless celebrity loving magazines and seem to see either Nick and Jessica breaking up on the front or I am supposed to care about Angelina Jolie's children. Boring.

- Television. This has never happened to me. There used to be a time in my pre-teen life that I had the television schedule memorized. I was looking forward to a few shows starting this fall, but as it turns out, they completely bore me. I watched Desparate Housewives last fall, but I am quite over it. I think it is the fallout from renting such quality shows like Arrested Development and Six Feet Under. It was bound to happen.

- Fast Food. I used to be a junkie. I liked nothing better than to swing through the Burger King drive through and pick up a junior whopper. Now, I have very few fast food joints around where I live. We have McDonald's and Wendy's. Neither are my favorite. Maybe I had to go through being removed from such garbage, detox, and be free of any kind of craving. Now, when I think of it, I am kind of disgusted by it.


firedancerdancin said...

you should also rest "curb your enthusiasm," which K and I are renting when we go to blockbuster cause the movie selection currently sucks. "curb your enthusiasm" makes me laugh so hard I almost pee.

Also good? the first season of "Lost" on dvd. New purchase for me and although it takes awhile to get through (there are six disks) it's great...although this season is kinda annoying me.

Finally, nothing like a good "Sex in the City" marathon to make you laugh.

I am currently hugely disgusted and skeeved out by the tom/katie baby thing. ew. ew ew ew ew ew. Helpful hint to Katie: don't get postpartum depression.

sidenote: being sad sucks.

Courtney said...

I got on the internet to search out the closest Burger King here within like my first week here...for comfort. I decided it was too far for my craving, so I went to eat a cookie instead. It's so weird, though, because the situation was just the opposite in Wheeling--all fast food and no other convenient choices. Oh well, just one more thing we can bitch about to each other on occasion...and I have to say that the alternative choices here could be so much worse!