Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Year Goes By...

I was sitting in front of my computer today staring at the blank screen as usual when I decided to go back to October 2004...a year ago. It occured to me how lucky I am to have this blog. Sure, I could have a normal journal where only I would read it, but I love this concept and format. I am able to look back, see the changes, the contrasts of behavior and passions, and reflect on that.

A year ago, my mind focused on several areas. I wrote about most of them, but some were kept more private for disclosure at a later time.


I was knee-deep into the election. My goal and purpose during the month of October 2004 was to defeat George W. Bush. Along with my full-time job of teaching elementary school, I could be found walking around my neighborhood, knocking on doors for Moveon.org. I remember a few people at my school knew about this 'hobby' of mine. I had a few people who rolled their eyes, a few people who were ambivilent, and some who were my cheerleaders.

Now, I find myself very removed from politics...almost resigned. I find myself disagreeing with GWB, yet I am doing nothing to ensure the next politician that is elected is someone of character and intelligence. I have gone to the other end of the political continuum...the most I do in the political arena is watch Meet the Press on Sunday mornings. I am sure this will change a few years from now, but for now, I am left in the political hammock.

A year ago, I had no idea that I would be living in Philadelphia. I had a little idea that I might not be teaching this year. I had not idea that I would be working at Borders. I had no idea that I would miss my friends and family this much. I had no idea that I would still be blogging about my life.


Tim said...

We enjoy your blog, keep it going!

On the political note, I was commenting to Marisa the other day how boring fall can be without an election as I have kind of forgotten about politics as well. However after some recent contemplation of my own I feel like I am a much more positive person when I am on a political hiatus.

After the Harriet Miers fiasco, I am not the biggest fan of W right now anyway, so it is maybe for the best.

Ellie said...

Take heart, moveon.org is hardly a credible organization; I'd say your blogging is doing the world more good than that group.