Sunday, October 02, 2005

Weekend Update

I had a great weekend.

First, it started out with a relaxing evening at home with Tim on Friday night. There are very few things that I enjoy more than some pizza ordered in, a video, and sitting on the couch with Tim. The only thing that would have made it even better would be a blizzard going on outside...but, I am not in North Dakota anymore.

I picked up Courtney, my new Borders friend, for a day filled with the perfect combination of food, nature, and more food. We stopped for breakfast at a local diner. We made our long planned trip to Target to get the many things that had built up on our lists. Then, we drove over to Valley Forge National Park. The nature trail proved to be a great choice of event for the day. We veered off the paved path for the more adventurous dirt/rock path. With many steep climbs, we stopped for a few breathers only to view deer watching our every move. Each time we'd stop, we'd look into the wood and see at a minimum of three deer staring right back at us. It was beautiful. They were not afraid of us and allowed us to enjoy this snapshot of nature close-up. At one point, a fawn was only four feet away from us!

After such a walk, most would want a Gatorade or water, but coffee was more our style. We stopped at a local coffee shop called the Gryphon. Again, it was perfect. I had cafe au lait and a piece of chocolate cake with cheesecake in the of both worlds, right? Courtney enjoyed some triple chocolate mousse and coffee. We stopped by the beer store to pick up a local favorite, Yuengling Beer. We thought it would go perfectly with Exploded Chicken Pizza and Buffalo Chicken Pizza that we were going to make back at the apartment so Tim could join our fun.

Now, if you are asking yourself the reasonable question, "What is EXPLODED CHICKEN PIZZA?", well, it is a specialty pizza from a restaurant I used to work at in college. It is pizza, but instead of pizza sauce, we use BBQ sauce with pulled chicken topped with mozzerella cheese. It was very good. Buffalo Pizza is the same, but instead of pizza sauce we used hot wing sauce and IT WAS HOT!!!

We finished the night with throwing some serious tile...Scrabble! I think I won the first game and Courtney defeated me in the second round.

All in all, I had a terrific weekend. I worked a little at Borders today and tomorrow Rhiannon will be coming to visit. It will be a great week too.


Kratz said...

That pizza sounds fantastic! I watched this show on Food Network once, where they did a profile of this restaurant I think was in Kansas City. Anyway, it's a barbecue place where they put BBQ sauce on spaghetti. I thought it looked fantastic, while my wife now thinks I'm even more weird than she thought.

The Solbergs said...

Remember all you can eat pizza on Sunday night? Man, I miss that place...It looks like you made a nice re-creation though!

shelly said...

hey...the spaghetti/BBQ sauce place was just discussed two days ago on the Splendid Table. my life always collides with itself in such weird ways...i don't know who this kratz is, but who knew i would be hearing about spaghetti and BBQ twice in 3 days! anyway...that's neither here nor there...the reason for this entry is to tell sara that i am back in the blog world. at least for today...i can't speak fo rwhat might happen tomorrow. miss you, sara. be in touch.

Eyes said...

You are a very lucky person. I am so happy you found Courtney!!

Amanda said...

What a fantastic weekend!

Yuengling Beer was a favorite during our trip to Philly! Yum!