Thursday, October 06, 2005

Normal, PA

I am starting to feel normal. I haven't felt like a normal Sara for a few months now. Here are some signs of normalcy in my new east coast life...keep in mind, what is normal to me may seem bizarre to you, but remember, I have a few quirks.

- Checking my email only four times a day rather than ten to twelve like I have been doing for two months.
- I love when the phone rings, but I am no longer running to the phone to hear some midwestern contact.
- I no longer feel silly or strange calling my friends in Iowa. The reason this was strange was because our relationships took place in the context of school. We never needed to call each other because we saw each other everyday. Now, it is as normal as an after school visit like the old days.
- I am no longer checking airline ticket prices on a daily basis. It is more at an average of twice a week.
- I am going to lunch with a friend, Courtney. Lunch was a favorite activity with my friends in Iowa.
- I am appreciating where I live. I like to walk around my little neighborhood and enjoy the trees and the scenery.
- I am enjoying my job. I loved...LOVED my job in Iowa so I am on an uphill climb to loving my jobs here. Sure, it is like comparing apples to oranges, but I still like Borders and the pre-school. Yesterday, I pushed two boys on the swings for 40 minutes and got paid for it. I enjoyed their conversation about how they are "big boys" now. I questioned them on what makes them "big boys". It was terrific.
- When I think of my favorite restaurants, I now think of Philly restaurants, not Cazador or Panera. I think of Pizzi's Pizza where I can stop on the way to work and enjoy a great cheese steak, extra cheese.
- I still miss my friends. This is normal for me. No matter where I am and how many weeks, months, years have passed, I wish I could have all of them within driving distance. It may not be normal for most, but it is normal for me to adore my friends.
- I still look forward to the next trip to see my parents and Tim's parents.
- I am taking up all the things that I normally do to keep myself sharp...scrapbooking, reading, stamping, scrabble, and music.
- I am feeling happy. Normally, I am a very happy person. I haven't been terribly happy for a few months...I've been faking it. But now, I am feeling happy again. I feel normal...or closer to it.


Courtney said...

I'm very happy for your progress in this--and it gives me hope. Philadelphia is lucky to have received you!

Eyes said...

Glad to hear you are feeling more like yourself and are happy again!