Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Quest

I am in the middle of a challenge, if only to myself. I am asking myself the question...

How long can I go without buying groceries?

I usually go about once a week. I usually enjoy my trips to the local grocery store, but since moving here, I have not embraced the local grocery store. Sure, it is nice and clean and somewhat organized, so I have no reason for this challenge except out of pure laziness.

I suppose when I get tired to staring in the pantry wondering what I should make for breakfast/lunch/dinner, I will drive myself to Genuardi's, the grocery store, and pick up a few things.

I think I would be quite successful at this quest if it were not for the essentials...milk, bread, cereal (for Tim). But I have a gift of putting together meals and snacks without really having that much stuff around. For example, if I want some dessert, I can make JELL-O. All you need to make JELL-O is water. I seem to always have JELL-O in the pantry. If I want a snack, we seem to have an unending supply of granola bars. I could always whip up some cookies because I was trained well from my mother to always have chocolate chips and baking ingredients in the pantry. There is always some sort of pasta and sauce in the pantry.

HECK...I can make it at least three more days, but we did run out of milk today.

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Eyes said...

I can usually make it about 2 weeks. I freeze a lot of meat and just keep a well stocked pantry at all times. It lends for great flexible dining :)