Friday, October 21, 2005

Dream a Little Dream...

Sometimes I wake up from my restful slumber wondering what kind of FREAK I am becoming!!!

I wish I could write my own scripts for my dreams and choose the characters, but somewhere...deep, VERY my subconscious, there is a little man with a typewriter frantically writing the most messed up and bizarre dreams that force me to question my own sanity. All the while, he is laughing because he has an ironic and haunting sense of humor.

If this is not true, then how can one explain the fact that I had a dream about a boy from high school whom I had no social minglings, we were not friends, we were completely ambivalent to each other. He was on the basketball team. He was VERY tall. If memory serves, he had no personality that would leave that type of imprint on me, especially not to dream about twelve years later. And I can say twelve because I think he moved our sophomore or junior year!

This guy's name was Kelly. In the dream, we were at a campfire and he was talking about his religious walk and how he had become 'saved'. I am sitting on a log of some type with my mouth hanging open in shock because I cannot understand why I am with this guy and why this guy who always seemed to be so shallow has now found the Lord. I ask the people around me to explain this to me and they are just disgusted by me to question someone's faith walk. I am the outsider in a big way.

Now, as for dreams, I have several recurring characters in my dreams. I even have recurring scenarios.

My most recurring dream drama is as follows...
I miss work. I have to come up with some lie or excuse why I had missed work. One of the more memorable dreams that followed this drama was when I missed teaching one day only to have my principal find me hanging out at McDonald's. We were sitting in her office and I decided to tell her that I had forgotten to take my medication. In my dream, I completely rationalized this lie because she could not fire me because a mental illness could fall under disability discrimination. She bought it and I was off the hook.

Keep in mind, the boss changes to whoever is my boss at the time. It always has me lying to them and they always believe me.

My recurring characters in my dreams are as follows...
-My Aunt Sandy...she is always in some sort of trouble in my dreams and it is my job to save her.
-Old Boyfriend(s)...we are always reconciling and being friends.
-Churches...I am find myself sitting in them staring at the alter and I have no idea why I am there.
-My old school...This is new one since I have moved. I am usually in the hallway and talking with teachers, never students.
-An old student...This particular student made a big difference in my life. He taught me a lot. I am always his teacher and he is always in some sort of trouble too.

I have this theory that women remember their dreams more than men, but I could be totally wrong. I do have moments as I am coming out my dream where I tell myself to remember 'this is a good one'. By good one, I mean MESSED UP!


Eyes said...

I dreamt last night about lying. It bugged me to no end in my dream too and I awoke thinking about it, pissed off that I lied.

Yesterday in real life, I got something in the mail and it was missing part of my order. I called the shop and the owner half-hinted that I was lying, but he wouldn't "check up on me". I told him to do so at once. Truly. I wasn't lying.

But in my dream, I called him back and gave him some fib in hopes that he would believe me. Then I remembered I had told him something different before. As I hung up the phone in my dream, I realized even though I was being honest, my lies came out and were exposed. I was so pissed off LOL.

Weird. I dream a lot and remember most of them if only for a few hours in the morning.

Dree said...

See, I'm the type of person who tries to plan her dreams. You know, I'll go to bed thinking about something, in the hopes that it'll wind up being a dream. It never does.

My dreams are always extremely vivid. I dream in color, and I often remember tastes or smells from my dreams. But it's always some bizarre random thing that I dream about.

Rhiannon said...

I find it very interesting that you dreamed about Kelly. That is pretty random.

I don't dream that often, and I remember my dreams even less often. I can't decide if that's a good or bad thing. If all my dreams were good, then I wish I dreamed more. But if they're sad, frustrating or embarassing, then I'd rather not. Know what I mean?