Thursday, November 10, 2005

Again, Tim?

I don't think anyone wakes up and says, "Man, I am going to watch Grumpy Old Men tonight!" But, for whatever reason, that is exactly what I found Tim doing as I returned from work last night. I walked into the apartment and heard the familiar Tim laugh. I walked over to see a familiar, but unappealling movie on the television.

Tim and I continued to have a discussion that seems to repeat itself several times a month.

I asked, "Haven't you seen this movie, like, 100 times?"

Tim replied, "Well...yeah. But not for a very long time, especially unedited."

What this discussion implies is the vast contrast in movie pathologies between Tim and myself. First, Tim can watch a movie over and over and over and over. If it was anything Lord of the Rings related just multiply those overs by 10! His love of Clint Eastwood westerns are equally Tim alone. Maybe it is because Tim is more selective than myself. I will watch many movies once. Tim will watch few many times.

If someone were to look at our movie collection, they would see science fiction, westerns, and dumb comedies. Because of this rewatching compulsion, I have refused to buy Tim certain movies for his birthday or Christmas...(true, he could go and buy them himself, but he won't.) If we own it, I will then be forced to at least listen to them from another room. Take Trains, Planes, and Automobiles for example. This movie is so annoying to me, but he LOVES it. He laughs every single time at the exact same parts.

Thank goodness, there are always new and inappropriately funny movies coming out so that both of our movie needs can be met...a new movie for me....sick and toilety humor for him.


shelly said...

this post reminded me of how my dad watches every which way but loose/ smokey and the bandit (i don't know the difference) at least 12 times a year and always laughed at the exact same parts every time. there was a distinctive laugh that i cane to associate with the movies containing monkeys. he would erupt with laughter and from the kitchen my mom and i would glance at each other knowingly...the chimp must be swinging on the light fixture.

Anonymous said...

Eastwood movies and dumb comedies? This Tim sounds like a swell guy. There are a lot of movies I will watch over and over and over again, as well. However, I will also watch just about anything at least once, no matter how bad I think it is going to be. Sometimes, the worse the movie is, the better, like a lot of horror movies, or Roger Corman flicks. :)


pat said...

Ahhh...movies. Tim sounds! And every other guy. We love to do that. It's great. Just be glad he's not out robbing convenience stores and cow tipping and stuff.

I've seen Top Gun 64 times. No kidding.

Rhiannon said...

Patrick - only 64 times? That's nothing. "30 seconds, we went like this, he went like that. I said to Hollywood, 'Where'd he go?' Hollywood said 'Where'd who go?' And he was laughing at us right there on the radio, he was laughing at us..."

I side with Tim on the watching repeatedly, but not with the genres he chooses (except the toilet humor comedies - some of those are funny.)

firedancerdancin said...

good lord sara. you live in melanie land!!! (except it's star wars, and The Simpsons) GAH!

That being said, there are a few movies I can watch multiple times...but that's over the course of my LIFE...not the course of a week.