Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tales of the Puffy Vest

I can't believe how nice it is outside today. It is November 30 and it is a balmy 60 degrees and sunny out. I have no frame of reference here. Is this normal for Philadelphia? In Iowa and North Dakota, we would be stunned to find ourselves going to a car that hasn't been running for ten (Iowa) or twenty (North Dakota) minutes. Although I would take this lovely forecast anyday to ice storms and biting windchills, it does pose a wardrobe challenge.

I have been getting by wearing my beloved puffy vest. I like it just fine for most temperatures. I rarely need the full comfort of a coat, yet then the temperature changes...not drastically, but overnight. I get up, dress for the day, put on the beloved puffy vest, and head to the car. AH! It is too warm for the PUFFY! However, I am far too lazy to go back upstairs to my apartment so I wear it, thinking that I will remove it once I get in my car. This doesn't happen because once in my cozy car, I completely forget about this plan because a good song has come on the radio and my mental dialogue starts in...

"OOooo. I like this song. They don't play this song enough."

It is only when I am standing in line at some annoying line at the bank, buying stamps at the post office...that I realize, UGH! I am hot in my beloved puffy vest! I hate this feeling. It starts in my lower back. I feel the heat. It creeps up my back onto my neck and before I know it, I want to throw the puffy onto some table that is reserved for people filling out change of address cards.

At least in North Dakota and Iowa, I was always safe with the assumption of cold.


Amanda said...

Trust me, this is not normal. This has been positively balmy! It's so nice to be able to just wear fleece and puffy vests instead of wool coats...I'll take it!

GoGo said...

Its trying to lull you into a sense of safety. The second you don't expect snow and cold...BAM, its an ice storm. At least, that's what happens in Michigan.

Dree said...

It is SO not normal. And I'd much rather have the cold. I'm tired of the roller-coaster temps.