Monday, November 28, 2005

Bee Geeish

I think this is the longest that I have gone without writing a post. I was in North Dakota celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. Usually, I complain a lot about airports and more specifically, the people that are at the airport. However, we had a very pleasant flying experience. Everything was on time. I was able to sit by Tim and not any other soul. It is not that I have anything against strangers, but I think I end up sitting by some unfortunate ones. I am not kidding here...once, I had a guy ask if he could have some of my peanut m&m's. I denied him out of plain respect for manners and fashion decency. He was sporting a Three Stooges T-shirt. I detest the stooges.

My friend, Kecia, told me that she always has Ginger Ale when she flies. I decided I would start doing this. I would choose a drink that I only drink when I am 30,000 feet. I decided to do the Ginger Ale. Very nice. I told Tim about this change in beverage choice and he was shocked, yet supportive. So supportive that he too drank the Ginger Ale.

And I swear to God that the young man across the aisle from me last night could have been related to the Gibb Brothers of Bee Gee fame.

This is short, but I will be writing a lot this week because I am inspired.

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