Thursday, November 17, 2005

Big Brother Will

Today's shoutout goes straight to Baby Will! Well, I guess he is a toddler now, but I really enjoy him. He is one of the sweetest babies that I have ever played with. He is all boy too. He loves trucks, dogs, and putting things in other things. He smiles liberally and likes to just hang in his crib rather than cry like so many babies do. Will is about to become a big brother to three...yes, three...younger sisters. His mom is going to be having triplets at any moment. My advice to Will is the following...

- Be patient. You will never have bathroom priviledges first. The girls take longer and hopefully, your mom and dad will share their bathroom with you.

- They will want to dress you up. This is not a challenge to your manhood, rather, a celebration of your flexibility with your sisters.

- It is fine to use your action figures along with a story line about Barbies going to the mall. Your sisters will appreciate that you will always be Ken when they all want to be Barbie.

- Stand your ground. Even when the girls want to watch Powerpuff Girls and you want to watch Yugi-Oh, you can always win with the whole, "I am the oldest" arguement.

Does anyone else have advice for Will?


Reddog said...

Will, it will always be 3 against 1. You will not be able to out fight them with your strength, even if you are strong. You have to out smart them. Be clever. Hopefully you have your Dad's brains; and your Mom's ability to shop, because you will be doing a lot of that too.

shelly said...

will, run. run like the wind. publish a want ad seeking a new place to live. if these girls are anything like the X chromosome that helped in their creation, you are in for a world of hurt. be afraid, be very afraid. p.s. wear a lot of food particles on your face...preferably hanging from your lip, they'll cut up every time. they are genetically predisposed to this kind of humor.