Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Some Borders Love

There are lots of perks to working at Borders. Last night, I checked out the free promo shelf to find three Christmas CDs and a Susan Tedechi CD. Awesome and free. Along with free music, we were able to buy music, books, and other things at 40% this past weekend. So, in my Borders world, I get free music, good discounts, and hours of entertainment telling stories of customers. I am no longer a one trick pony with only magazine displays, but now I stock movies and music and prepare the new releases...I am more a four trick pony. I am working about 22 hours a week at the bookstore along with my preschool job. That is a little look inside my working life...anything else might be a little boring to read about.

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shelly said...

i love susan tedechi! and i love christmas music. and i love bookstores and i love part time jobs. but mostly i am writing this to tell you that, as a person with (undiagnosed) OCD, i need you to know that if you don't correct the title of my blog in your sidebar soon, i might implode!