Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Way Back Wednesday

Shelly and I were like peas and carrots. We had a charmed childhood upbringing on our little street. At every moment of our childhood, there were at least five or more girls our age living in our neighborhood. We would always play with other girls in the neighborhood, but everyone 'knew'...Shelly and Sara are best friends. I would loan Shelly out to her friends Kristi or Kristi. She would loan me out to Kelly down on the other end of the street, but we would always return to each other to play.

Shelly wrote a shoutout to me on her Second Impressions. This is the second shoutout that I have received in blogland. It was quite special. Thanks, Shelly.


shelly said...

i love it! in my memory i like to pretend that we never fought and that we were always nice to each other. there was enough mean around us, let's pretend we were perfect!

Eyes said...

Okay, I'm clueless...what is a shoutout?