Friday, November 18, 2005

New Sidebar Attraction

With inspiration from Amanda at LaLaLaLola, I have decided to share the Friday iPod Shuffle each week on my sidebar. I will press play and shuffle on my beloved lime green iPod mini and see what comes up first. I think it is interesting that the first four artists are artists that I have either recommended through my Amazon link or I have written a post about them with the exception of the obvious guilty pleasure "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" by Sir Elton.

With Christmas coming up, I know you want to be all commerical and spend, spend, spend! So, use my link if you are going to order from Amazon and I can get a little coin in my amazon account to spend, spend, spend! This week, in preparation for the holiday season, I am recommending my favorite holiday book called Holidays on Ice by the hilarious David Sedaris. It is a short but sweet book. The perfect gift for the literate with a sense of humor.

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The Solbergs said...

Toys'r'us and Babies'r'us have their online catalogs on Amazon, so if you are shopping for toys or baby supplies use Sara's link! Hmmm...maybe we should buy diapers from this link!