Saturday, November 12, 2005

Blast Off

With a flush and a swirl, my toilet, like so many other toilets, does exactly what it should do with one sounds like it is a space shuttle ready for lift off.

This is a new development in our bathroom. It started out as a low hum after the prior mentioned flushing and swirling occurred. It is a combination of a rumble with a vibration. It gets louder and louder with each flush. When I am laying in bed and I hear the toilet flush, I later see the results of the wall begins to shake.

At first, I didn't really notice it because we have the R100 train in in our backyard and we've gotten quite used to that rumble, but this is a crescendo of a flush. Right near the end of the flushing cycle, I start to believe that the toilet might just explode. Maybe I should call someone about this.


Rhiannon said...

Call someone. You don't want to deal with the explosion. Here's a good story for ya. I went to a new salon with my two sisters-in-law a few weeks ago for pre-wedding pedicures. I made a quick stop in the bathroom. I flushed and washed my hands, then turned to leave only to see the toilet overflowing very quickly. Within 5 seconds the floor was covered with water. I walked out to find someone who works there and ran into a nice looking man in a suit, who was probably the owner. I felt very bad leaving this big mess to him but I couldn't get out of there quickly enough. Three or four staffers walked by and marveled at all of the water. My cheeks are burning with embarassment just thinking about it.

pat said...

As long as that monster from "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" doesn't come up out of it, I think you will be ok.

Or, you know, you can hit the toilet with a sledgehammer. That's ALWAYS fun.