Monday, November 07, 2005

Iowa Revisited

I have returned from my trip to Iowa. It was fantastic from start to finish. First, I love Midwest Airlines. It was my first time flying with this airlines, but the free, warm, like homemade chocolate chip cookies that they serve to their fliers were delicious. They have first class seats throughout the plane including that nice extra leg space. We were running late out of Philadelphia so I had to run to my connection in Milwaukee. Normally, I only run when someone is chasing me, but it would have been terrible if I had missed this connection because it would mean that I was stuck in Milwaukee, and no one wants that. When I got on the plane, all of the other waiting fliers gave me a few dirty looks. I couldn't help it. I wanted to go to Des Moines just as much as the rest of them. But it was nice that they waited just for me.
Bright and early Friday morning, I met my friends Kelli and Jason at a midwestern favorite, The Village Inn. A haunt usually for the retired and the hungry. Waffles were enjoyed by all. This was the beginning of seeing my favorite friends in Iowa. I am an easy laugh, but I tend to laugh a lot with Jason. We talked about school, our lives, and all things in between. Jason gave me a shirt that says 'I Heart Pizza' but the word pizza is an actual picture of a slice of pizza. My friend Ryan is helping me model the sweet t-shirt. Thanks, Jason. I will wear it with pride.

The rest of my Friday in Iowa consisted of hanging with Kecia and Jodi. We drank some margaritas at a time that was close enough to noon and we did some shopping. I have yet to find a proper scrapbooking store in Philly so I loaded up on supplies from one of my two favorite stores, Archivers. We ended up that evening at Kecia's house where she hosted a party for Northwest, my former school. Lots of Northwest friends came to hang out. I was so happy to see people that I knew and they knew me. We stayed up late laughing and talking. Good times.

I'll just give you a bulleted list (my favorite kind of list) of the highlights from the weekend...
- Fountain Soda...a staple for Jodi and me.
- Taking turns sharing our favorite ways to hypothetically beat someone up...I like to hypothetically punch with my middle finger knuckles out and finish with a slap.
- Finding many inappropriate uses for leftover pumpkins and goards.
- Watching Jodi's husband practice his wrestling moves on Jodi.
- Eating Crab Rangoon since it is hard to find out east.
- Laughing so hard that my stomach hurt by the end of the weekend.


Reddog said...

Every day's a party when your hanging out with the Iowa crew. I know I can always count on you to highlight all the food you ate on your trip.

Jeff said...

Being from Milwaukee, I'm not sure how to take your comment about nobody wanting to be stuck there, but I guess I wouldn't want to be stuck in any airport, no matter what city. Will any of the gourd pictures be displayed?

Anonymous said...

What is that on the I Heart shirt? Pizza?