Thursday, December 29, 2005

Our Memphis Christmas

We've returned from another Christmas with our family. In the past five years of marriage, no Christmas is ever the same. 2005 is no exception. With all of the tradition, we've been lucky enough to experience new events to make each Christmas stand out from the others. Christmas 2005 was the Christmas when we went to Joe and Ellie's house for the first time. Joe, Tim's brother, and Ellie, his wife, were the perfect hosts. From beginning to end, they kept our stomachs full of delicious treats and savory meals. We played lots of Scrabble, Trivia, and watched lots of football. Tim's parents were there too so it was some great family time.

Along with the traditional Christmas activities, we experienced Memphis sites. The Peabody Hotel allowed us to see just how frenzied a group of people can get over five little ducks and a pond. If you know about the Peabody Ducks, then you know how these little ducks live in the beautiful hotel and make their enterance every morning on a red carpet and into the duck fountain for guests and tourists to enjoy. It was at the Peabody Hotel that I think I discovered my first "stiff drink" know the type...the type that JR Ewing might have poured after a hard day of digging for oil. I had no idea what I was ordering and I thought I would take a risk. Turns out that I enjoyed a scotch and soda. I drank it and felt quite warm afterward.

Since Memphis is the home of The Blues, we had dinner at BB King's restraurant on Beale Street. Ribs! Ribs! Ribs! And Sides! Everyone enjoyed the ribs with exception to Tim. I didn't want him to miss out on the experience so I shared some of my ribs with him after he finished his enormous pulled pork sandwich. Unfortunately, there wasn't live music that evening at the club, but they were playing one of my favorites, Al Green, during dinner. I am looking forward to the next trip to Joe and Ellie's!

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Anonymous said...

Next time you go you should eat at Isaac Hayes in the Peabody Mall (I think that is the name of the mall) and order the turkey meatloaf. It is to die for. If you don't know Isaac Hayes is not only a blues singer, but The Chef from South Park. Thursdays is "club night" and last time I was there we were the only white people there and were completely discriminated against. I appreciated the experience as being from North Dakota you can see what it feels like to be different.