Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sad Music Can Make You Sad

My ipod is a clever little machine. I clipped the ipod to my beltloop and started washing the dishes this morning. This was a distraction for me since I had spent the morning stewing and dwelling and thinking...three things that I am quite good at over the last four months. The dishes seemed like a good way to let me think about soap, suds, dishes, and drying rather than other stuff that seems to creep into my mind every so often.

It started off with some much needed upbeat pop music. A little Hall and Oates can go a long way for my psyche. I was enjoying "Private Eyes" and then, the clever ipod started a string of dreary, downer songs. It is my own fault. Along with my penchant for 80's Pop and 70's disco, I am a huge fan of the singer/songwriter who usually write songs with sad lyrics. So, here I am...washing dishes, trying not to think about things in a negative way, and the damn ipod won't go a long with the plan.

I searched for a playlist that would be appropriate for some mindless dishwashing and all I found were playlists created for friendship, inspiration, and Christmas. Even though Christmas is lovely, it just wouldn't do this morning.

So, I decided that this was my ipod's way to teach me a lesson. If I wanted upbeat, positive music, I would have to fill up the ipod with such choices. Sounds like a metaphor for life, huh?

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