Saturday, December 10, 2005

Wisdom Vs. Wisdom

Tim gave me quite a compliment today.

"If our neighborhood had an ice and snow scraping contest, I would put my money on my wife."

I felt some pride in his words. He is right. I would clean house on all of the men and women in this neighborhood. Most men take pride in the jobs their wives hold, the great roasted chicken recipe they make on Sundays, or the great shape in which they keep their bodies. However, Tim appreciates that I have not just an ounce, but pounds and pounds of common sense. He often says things like, "Man, I am glad you are not crazy," after watching some television show.

My stock was raised this afternoon as we returned from the grocery store to find quite a sight in front of our apartment. We are surrounded by intelligent graduate and law students from several of the private colleges and universities in our area. We can tell which school they attend by the conspicuous labels we see in their back windows that shout, "Hey, look at me...I go to a private college that is elite and special and completely overpriced!". However, no matter how smart and well-read a person is, nothing can take the place of innate logic.

A woman who fit the mold of graduate/law student was attempting to scrape her car. It had about a half a foot of snow on it. I might not have noticed had she not been using a huge metal shovel to do the scrapping. Now, any mentally sound midwesterner or life-long northeasterner would recognize the absurdity in this action. First, she was doing obvious damage to the beautiful slate-gray Volkswagon Passat that her wealthy father had bought her before he signed her tuition check. Can you imagine the scratches to not only the paint, but also the windows?

I said to Tim, "Should I help her? Should I give her advice?" He only said that I might get cussed out or she might accept it. I decided that I would let the young woman handle it. She continued to use a squeegy type device to scrape at her windows. Little did she know that just turning the car on and cranking up the defrost would aid in her quest, yet that did not occur to her.

So, here she is attempting to break the ice on her windshield with the end of the shovel. She eventually made her way into the car to go on her journey. All I can hope is that it took her to the nearest hardware store where she purchased a proper scraper and car brush.

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Super Rachel Zana said...

Oh my. I laughed so hard while reading this I nearly fell off my chair, and trust me, after a stressful weekend, I needed a good laugh. I showed Greg and he laughed and laughed too. The snowshovel is just so hilarious.