Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Celebrity Karaoke

Last night, as I watched television, I had a reaction that I usually reserve for Ben Stiller movies. I couldn't help but watch with half my hand over my eyes and more importantly, half my hands over my ears. You many have guessed, but I was watching FOX's new reality program, Celebrity Duets. I am not sure if it was Little Richard as he floated in and out of his own reality or it could have been that I just can't get enough of C-List celebrities living out their musical fantasies for all to see, but I couldn't help myself.

Not only was this the most embarrassing thing I have seen in a long time, but it was on for TWO hours. Do you know what I could have gotten accomplished in TWO hours? Well, probably nothing more than the dishes and a good phone call, but that is still bad. I am not sure who should be more embarrassed, me or the celebrities at this point. I do know one thing and that is that I will not be watching next week's episode. It can only get worse from here.

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