Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hairy Situation

I am having a bad eyebrow day.

The lovely Inez who usually does such a fantastic job on my unruly eyebrows has made the right eyebrow significantly shorter than the left. There is nothing I can do. It will be this way until there is some unruly grow back. My newly trimmed bangs do fall over most of the right eyebrow so I won't stew much longer on this mishap, but a lesson has been learned. I will try to keep my eyebrows plucked so to avoid the total rehab of the eyebrow when I let it go for so long.

As for the long-term hair plan that I discussed in November, I am making progress. I have been in for trims and that is about it. I haven't had my hair this long since my wedding. I think the only thing that is keeping on this train is the discovery of the flat iron. It is the hair tool I have needed my entire life! I have that boring straight hair that isn't really straight, but instead, straight with some bumps. The flat iron has given me back the control over these stubborn bumps. With my flat iron turned to 350 and my minimal product, I am able to keep the bob in some sort of style.

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