Sunday, August 13, 2006

My New Spot

I have created an oasis for myself.

I have had this mission style desk for six years. For most of the desk's brief life, it has been home to our computer. With the big box, monitor, and keyboard, that pretty much took up all the space. The overhead hutch held all the cords and discs that the computer needed. Last fall, I inherited Tim's Apple ibook laptop computer so I didn't need all that space, but I still used that desk for my computer hobbies.

Well, I did a major overhaul of the desk yesterday. I moved, cleaned, threw away, and condensed all the items of the hutch and desk. I moved in my scrapbooking materials and created what I will now call my scrappin' spot. I can leave my pages out if I am not finished. I can look for paper on the shelves that I have created. I do not have to haul out my scrappin' stuff to the family room everytime I want to get my scrap on.

I was so happy about this new turn in my scrappin' life, I scrapped for six hours this morning.

Man, I love to say scrappin'.


firedancerdancin said...

i wish you lived closer so we could have a scrappin' day together! :-)

I'm a novice and definitely need someone with scrappin experience to show me the ropes! ;-)

pat said...

you had six hours to do nothing but scrap? wow. i'm jealous.

i mean, not that i would be scrapping with six free hours, but six free hours would be nice, you know?

Amanda said...

I would love a scrappin' oasis like that. I need to create one. The worst thing about starting scrappin' is that you have to put all your stuff away when you are not really done. Sounds like a great place for scrappin'!!