Friday, August 11, 2006


So, I am on a wagon of sorts. Actually, I am on two wagons. Hopefully, one will lead the other.

If you are confused...I am speaking in terms of a cliche metaphor. I am on the weight loss wagon. Some people have beer. Some people like to throw the slots. Some people even love jogging. I love food. I love everything that is associated with it. I love to shop for it. I love to cook it. I love to look online for recipes to cook it. I like to go to places that have good food. All this being said...I am heavier now than ever before and I just can't go on like this. If I sound dramatic, it is because this is dramatic.

First, I have cut back my Diet Coke intake from four cans/bottles/huge convience store guzzlers to one can a day. The timing of this venture is crucial. If I get it to early in the day, the rest of my day is spent craving one. If I wait too long in the day, I am left with a huge headache. Noon seems to be the right time for my daily dose of the good stuff.

So, with the cut back of Diet Coke, I have been drinking water. My goal is to drink eight glasses a day. So boring.

I have decided the only way I can achieve my goal is to tell people about my plan. I don't want them sabotaging me because it is all I can do to not sabotage myself. No one is allowed to invite me for coffee. No one is allowed to ask me to grab a treat. No one is allowed to take me to dinner at my favorite places.

So far, my plan is working nicely. I walk and that is nice. I am going to purchase some at home workout videos because sometimes I just don't want to go out all gross. I have cooked some incredibly healthy and delicious meals. Tonight, black bean and yellow rice enchiladas with whole wheat tortillas.

I am not sure what my long term goal will be, but I know that I can no longer deal with the chubs that has invaded my body.


Carm said...

I'm with you, chica. I am not sure I am really fully there... but I think when school starts I will be. I need a couple more weeks of slovenly behavior and joyful food before I surrender to TRYING to lose weight and getting in shape. I did start buying Ginger Ale to help me wean myself from my Diet Coke caffeine addiction... but I don't think that does much for cutting back on the sugar. Sigh.

Mathman said...

I need to get back on the diet wagon, but I am travelling for work next week and it's so hard to do when I'll be eating out each night. I plan on resuming my diet when I get back home Thursday night.

shelly said...

i know a little something about food... can i make some suggestions. well, i'm going to. never eat anything that was cooked in a factory and needs only re-heating. buy yourself some tae-bo boot camp dvd's... guaranteed success. fyi...much like the fast food and processed food thing, i also gave up drinking soda... i can't go near the stuff anymore.

firedancerdancin said...

i'm minus 20 lbs now...and although i still have a ways to go (how the hell did I turn into a fat girl??? oh wait. that's right. I eat.) i'm feeling better by leaps and bounds. Give up the soda like Shelly said. Drink crystal light (it really is good and there's about a gazillion different flavors). Homemade salsa with the Baked Tostitos? fantastic! Good luck, and keep us posted.

Oh. Invest in No Pudge Fudge if you haven't already. There is nothing like a brownie that tastes like a brownie, but is actually not BAD for you to make your night. Well, it makes MY night! ;-)