Thursday, August 17, 2006

Keepin' It Simps

I have very little to say today. How about I tell you what I have been listening to lately?

I really dig The Weepies. They are a folky, harmonic, and lyrical pair that sing simple songs just for me. No, not really just for me, but I like to think so as I am driving down the road in my little CRV singing along to one of my favorite songs "Gotta Have You". I like that with every song, I am left saying, "Oh, I get it. I get these lyrics."

If you check out their website, you can listen to their songs and not just a sample. The whole darn song.

I guess I have more to say.

I went on a hike today with a friend to Ridley Creek State Park. It was a five mile walk and it was perfection. Shaded and sunny taking turns all morning. I felt fantastic after this walk for a couple reasons. First, I walked five miles. I was technically done with my exercise for the day, but I went home and did a 10 minute workout with a DVD. I love being outside on perfect 80-something days like this.

And lastly...

I am so excited to try Panera's Crispani pizza. I am going to order tomato and fresh basil on my pizza. I did my research to find that this pizza choice is pretty healthy with 170 calories for one piece. This is a comparison to a medium piece of Dominoes pepperoni at 255 calories.

Now, you know all about my day.


The Solbergs said...

How many calories if I eat a whole Dominos pizza? (minus the tips that Will eats)

Amy said...

Make sure to give us a review! I want to know how the pizza was and whether going for the extra calories would be worth it or not.

Carm said...

Hey, I listened to The Weepies as you suggested... I like them too! Thanks for the tip.....

Anonymous said...

Just looking for the calories for the 3 chz crispani pizza (I ate 6 slices) and noticed your comment. Eee gads, I ate over 1200 calories!!! thanks for the info. Will try to eat only 2 next time! It was good but did not fill like another pizza.