Monday, August 14, 2006

My Big New Ball

I have purchased a balance ball with this new health kick/lifestyle change. It just might be the second best thing I have ever purchased. It came with three videos for yoga and pilates to work the abs, lower body, and upper body.

I did one video last night before bed. I felt challenged and relaxed at the same time. I stayed up for about 30 minutes after my workout and then, crawled into bed. After a few minutes of conversation with Tim, I fell fast to sleep and experienced the best night of sleep that I have had in MONTHS!

I am not saying that the balance ball is completely responsible, but I think it helped my body relax and feel stretched. I am going to try it tonight for further proof of its restful night abilities.


Reddog said...

Those balls are great for exercising. Just wondering what your best thing you ever purchased was, since the ball is the second.

Dree said...

Hmmm... having read Sara's blog for quite awhile, I'd have to say the first best thing she ever purchased was her lime green ipod.

Sara said...

Dree...Very good! You are absolutely correct.

Courtney said...

Please update this image with a picture of both you and Tim on one of these. It would make my day!

Amy said...

Hey...that's the same ball I used while in labor!