Sunday, August 27, 2006

Check Out the Scraps

I thought I would share one of my favorite hobbies with you. I love to scrapbook and if you look closely, you might see yourself in this slideshow. Scrapbooking is fast becoming not only my hobby, but a future business endeavor. This business idea is in the beginning stages, but I hope you can see how much I enjoy this hobby.


Rhiannon said...

Sara, you really do have a talent for scrapping. I know I've told you this, but I will be your next customer. What should I do, just start sending you pictures of Noah? And send you a check for the album, paper, supplies, etc? By the way, I was thrilled to see that I made the scrapbook slideshow.

shelly said...

is that center photo on the friends page from the night at happy joe's in (like) 92?

firedancerdancin said...

you've got mad scapping skills.

as an aside: oriental trading company now has scrapbook stuff.

I love oriental trading company. I order stuff from them constantly for the events I do for work.