Thursday, August 24, 2006


Today, I stumbled upon these 100 calorie oatmeal chocolate chip prepackaged cookies at Trader Joe's. I couldn't wait to get them home to try this sweet treat.

I prepared for this event by measuring out one cup of non-fat skim milk. See...portion control is my new thing.

I opened my bag of crunchy goodness, enjoyed my first cookie, brought my glass of milk to my mouth, drank it in, and then, ran to the sink where I could spit out the nastiest tasting milk I have ever experienced.

Even though I am 29 years old, I have never tasted sour milk until today. I checked the date and it said August 26. Well, that is tomorrow. I should have been able to enjoy this milk for one more day, but some dairy chemist had other plans.

Not to worry, friends. I still had these cookies to take away the sting/stink of the milk.

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