Sunday, October 29, 2006

Carry This

We are surrounded by cardboard. As I write this, I can't actually see Tim sitting across the room because his chair is behind a pile of moving boxes.

We close on Thursday. This is a big week for us. Both of us have busy weeks at school and then, we are buying this house. In the next two weeks, we will paint the living room, move our boxes, have some men move our furniture, and make it our new home.

This will be the fourth time in five years of moving for us. We are experts with the move. I can pack up our little apartment in no time. I think I have about five more boxes to go.


Mathman said...

I moved so much the first several years I was out of college, that I keps all of my cardboard boxes so that I wouldn't have to find more the next time I moved. In cleaning out excess junk from our house, my wife and I have managed to get rid of most of our boxes now.

pat's not moving said...

you know what i love? the fact that no matter how many of my other blog friends don't blog, you always have some good new reading up.

good luck in the move. i am a fellow mover. in 10 years, i've lived in 11 places. maybe 12. so, don't wear yourself out, and enjoy your new place!

Eyes said...

Hey! How exciting is this!

Thursday will be a great day. I am so happy for you. Having your very own first place is awesome, exciting -- and you'll create memories there that will last a lifetime!

Congratulations. Keep us posted :)