Saturday, October 28, 2006

How About 25 Cents?

I went to my first flea market today. It was put on by my school as a fundraiser. It might have been that everything was for a good cause, but the prices were cheap. I noticed that there were two types of flea market shoppers. First, there were the experts. They had rubber gloves on as they rummaged through the treasures. They haggled prices even though things ranged from 25 cents to three dollars. Then, there were people like me. I walked around thinking, "Hey, that is nice. Ooo..that is cute." I never really felt the need to buy anything. Just look.

I looked until the rugs caught my eye. I am moving into a house that has hardwood floors throughout. I am in the market for rugs. I rolled out two of them and settled on the ten dollar geometric rug. It wasn't one that I would pay more than ten dollars for, but it will be perfect in the guestroom until I find one that I prefer.

I am not sure I am going to start going to flea markets every weekend, but it was a fun morning.

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