Monday, October 16, 2006

What a Deer

One of my biggest fears is to hit a deer when I am driving. Living in North Dakota and Iowa, this was always a possibility if we traveled outside the city. I thought my fears would be alleviated now that I live in an urban area.

Not so.

It was dark and I saw something cross the road as I was driving. I thought to myself, "Man, that is a big dog". Then, I realized that dogs are not that big and they aren't that fast. It was a deer in the middle of the suburbs.


Mathman said...

I'll occasionally see deer in the street in front of my house in Cedar Rapids. They are being displaced by new housing developments near where I live.

Reddig said...

Were you close to Valley Forge? AKA the deer park.

Eyes said...

Get yourself some of those little plastic deer alerts for your car at Walmart! They work wonderfully. I was sold when the Milwaukee police said they have had them on their vehicle for 25 years and not ONE VEHICLE has HIT ANY ANIMAL -- let alone a deer.

I have them on my car now -- and I watch squirrels, coyote, deer -- all react to the noise made by my vehicle. They always turn around and I feel so relieved.

It's so worth it!