Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Swiss Farms

In Pennsylvania, they have Swiss Farm. Swiss Farm is a drive up grocery. Can you believe it?! I hit a new lazy low. I have been curious for some time to check out the Swiss Farm, but was nervous that I didn't know what to do...like when you order a cheesesteak in south Philly and have to get the wording just right "whiz with". But, I just took my chances. As I pulled up, a nice girl came out of the little building and asked what I wanted. I didn't really need anything so I said, "I'd like some ice tea, orange juice, and bacon."

I am such a nerd.

She returned with my groceries. Basically, you can't get EVERYTHING at the Swiss Farm, but you can get a lot of junk food, a lot of beverages, and a lot of basics. I will add Swiss Farm to my list of things I like about Pennsylvania.

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Eyes said...

That sure is unique!