Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I felt the Christmas spirit welling up in me this weekend as I purchased two Christmas songs from itunes. I have no shame when it comes to my VERY early enthusiasm for the holidays. However, I have Halloween to thank for my newest Christmas CD.

I was on the hunt for a little book called It's Pumpkin Time tonight. I went to Borders and I was out of luck. I stopped by the 2 for 3 table to see if I needed anything. I almost bought The Tender Bar, but thought to put it on the Christmas list...see...already thinking about Christmas. Then, Sarah McLachlan caught my eye as she was all a glow on her new CD cover. I had it in my hand and almost bought it at Borders, but decided that I would pick it up later.

I had to go to Barnes and Noble to see if I could find that darn It's Pumpkin Time. I found it along with ten other copies and rejoiced a little in the kids section. I think I might have even hugged the book. I was so happy in fact that I went in search of that new Sarah McLachlan CD. I decided to celebrate finding It's Pumpkin Time with a little Christmas time.

Now, I do have a small list of artists that I love EVERYTHING they do. She is in the top three. This might have been the perfect combination of Christmas spirit and favorite artist. I made a mistake a few years back when I purchased the James Taylor Christmas album and it was a bust. That mistake was to be repeated (don't laugh) when I bought the Kenny Loggin Christmas CD. I love Kenny but was not impressed with how Kenny did Christmas.

I am currently on track 7 and loving it. I like the cover of Joni Mitchell's "River" and look forward to hearing the entire album. Granted, it is no Burl Ives, but Christmas music could always use a new twist along with the classics.

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pat said...

GASP!!! YOU WENT TO BARNES AND NOBLE???? e-V-i-L!!!!!!!!!!

Me? I'm a "don't play christmas music 'til two weeks before christmas" kinda guy.