Friday, October 20, 2006

A Prediction of Sorts

My weekend is less than glamorous. I have boxes to pack. I have an apartment to clean. That is about it. I suppose Tim and I will take some sort of side adventure.

Oh, wait! I do know the highlight of the weekend! We are going to pick out paint for our living room in our house. We have a few weeks before we close, but I want to have that ready because we are painting the entire weekend that we close before we have to move all of our furniture moved it.

Oh, wait! I am finally going to get my Pennsylvania driver's license. Maybe I was holding out hope or something, but I think it is time since I have been living in the state for over a year. However, I moved three years ago from one apartment in Iowa to another and never got a new one.

Oh wait! I am going to talk Tim into going to the Reading Terminal Market tomorrow. He doesn't know it yet. I am craving some yummy baked goods that can only be found there.

I guess I will have a great weekend.

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