Thursday, October 05, 2006

North Dakota and Don't Forget It

Every so often, I am called out on my accent here on the east coast. I think I have a generic midwestern accent, but through the thick Philly elocution of the english language, I am at times called out as a 'foreigner'. See...if you have not spent the last 20 years in the Philadelphia area, you will never be "from Philly" so you must be from somewhere else.

After a long conversation with a 'native', I was asked, "Are you from Canada?" She asked it with such enthusiasm like she was going to share a really fantastic tale from the Great White North. I replied that no, I wasn't from Canada, but rather from North Dakota. As I said this, I saw her face sink. This was not as glamorous as maple leafs and hockey. What she didn't know was that, oh yes, North Dakota has hockey.

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Dana B. said...

I probably called you out a lot when I first met you! Sorry, it's my linguistic curiosity! Wow, someone with minimal diphthongs!